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Twitch Clip Downloader Features

List of top features

Speed Boost

Speed Boost

The download speed of this tool is way more than your usual speed, it has derived the bandwidth from some strong connections and lets you download the big files within a few seconds. You can use this tool to download videos of more than a couple of hours or countless periods.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

This Twitch Clip Downloader is designed too simple so that anybody could easily know the working and use of this tool on their own. You won't feel lost or confused while you use this tool, as it has a decent interface and transparency with the features.

Quality Choice

Quality Choice

As you can choose quality while watching the stream links, you can choose your desired quality resolution while downloading also. The tool will offer your several formats and qualities to choose from and trust us, there will be no disturbance in sound quality in any video format.

Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

You don't have to register on this tool, even there is no sign-up page for this website. All the features are freely available for everyone, there will be no subscription plan required to download the videos. Your identity will remain safe and all the tracking will vanish once you get your file.



This website is built for every device. You can use this on mobile, tab or desktop. This website works faster, responsive on every device and screen resolution.

Unlimited Downloads

Unlimited Downloads

There are no restrictions or daily limits on your download, this tool allows the visitors to download as many videos as they want with the best quality options. So, there's nothing to be worried about, and feel free to use this tool.

Twitch Clip Downloader

We all know Twitch is one of the greatest platforms for streaming online content, whether it's Gaming, ASMR, or any other topic. But the thing which might annoy you is that there is no download button or save offline feature for the users to create a playlist for future listening. For that issues, we created this Twitch Clip Downloader to save any video from the twitch to your device without any restrictions. This tool is designed for everyone, you don't have to register on this tool or pay any fees here. All the services are free and available for everyone to enjoy the free benefits for unlimited downloads.

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How does this Twitch Clip Downloader Works?

Once you reach the tool you'll get to know it by yourself, it's as simple as it looks. You just need a few things to make this tool work, and when you have all the necessary items you get the green signal.

You just have to find the video links of Twitch clips, which are easy to copy from the streaming platform. Then, paste the link into our tool to get quality options for your download. Pick any of them and your video will be downloaded on your device in the next few seconds.

find twitch clip url

How to find Video sharing links in Twitch?

For this process we recommend you to try this with your web browser, this won't work on web applications so go with the browser only.

1. Open the channel of your favorite streamer, go to the video section and choose a video that you want to download.

2. Don't open the video, left-click on the video to get the extra features of your browser. If you're trying this on your smartphone, keep the press on the video title to get the extra options.

3. You'll get a majority of options in the list, find the Copy Link Address and hit on it.

4. The link will be copied to your clipboard and ready for the next steps.

5. Once you get the link you're ready to bounce back on this tool.

6. Click here to reach the tool destination quickly, or simply swipe down for manual.

7. The tool will have a blank text area for your copied link, paste it right there.

8. Hit the download button which is near to it.

9. A list with some available formats will appear in front of the screen. Choose your favorite quality and click on the download button parallel to it.

Your downloading will start from the exact moment you press that button and will the video will be available in the next moment on your device.

How to Download Twitch Clips & Stream Videos?

The process to save videos from this Twitch Clip Downloader is too simple, the steps to grab the file are listed below in order. Just follow the procedure as it is and we are sure that you'll get your videos to save for offline stream.

To begin with the process you just need the video-sharing URL of the twitch clip you want to download, but Twitch doesn't have any share button for their videos. You must have to find another way to generate the link. Don't worry, we already have the solution for you, keep scroll for the tweak.

FAQs for Twitch Clip Downloader

Is it illegal to download videos from twitch?

Twitch generally doesn't allow anybody to save offline or download videos from their platform, even they don't have a share button just to keep the session private and for the limited public. But if you download the content and keep it for yourself, there will be no risk. Just don't upload the video or share it on any other social platform, or you might face some legal charges for stealing copyrighted content from a creator.

Do we have to pay for the services?

No, all the services will remain free for all the visitors. Nobody should pay any fee for any download, enjoy the free downloads and keep sharing this tool with your friends to let them know about this amazing tool.

Does this tool save our history downloads?

No, we don't store any type of records with us. All the history will vanish once you close the tab from your device. There is no other way you could get it back, so be sure before exiting the working tabs from your browser.